Another Visit to the Cathedral

Fuji X100 | 1/1400 @ f/16 | ISO 200

Over the weekend, I made another trip to the St Paul Cathedral, which I have grown to like immensely in the time I’ve spent there. I enjoy the size of the place, and the reverence with which those visiting treat it, despite the fact that they may not be Catholic, or religious, at all. It is a marvelous monument, and I enjoy shooting there–I am sure I will be returning before long.

I also shot some film, which I will post in due time. Let me know what you all think–feedback is appreciated.

Additionally, here are some details of the new project that began this past weekend: it was my birthday on the 15th, and I will be documenting my 30th year with at least one roll of film each week. I will then process and scan each roll and post it here (and selected shots on my flickr and tumblr, but I will post the full roll here only). I’m excited; the new (the serial number indicates it was manufactured in January, 1955, so perhaps “new” isn’t exactly right) Leica M3 I just recently acquired will be my companion for this project. I will perhaps give myself little mini-assignments along the way, but the idea is just to document what I do–physically, intellectually, artistically, visually, etc–with my 30th year. The project will end on 15 January 2013, my 30th birthday.



  1. Some great shots! I love the angle you used to capture the cathedral. I also love the colors in the candle shot and the feel of the room with the dying flowers. I am excited to see more of your work, especially the film shots taken with the Leica.


  2. I’m confused about the best way to leave comments for individual photos…anyway, I find the chapel photo (color) to be particularly interesting. I felt a little startled by the dying flowers in the vase on the side. A really wonderful focal point in that photo.


    1. I don’t think you can leave them for individual pictures, just for the post as a whole. But you can just make reference to anything there! Thanks for your comment!


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