Empty Campus in B&W, II

Here are a few more shots of the empty campus in black and white; today they are all shot vertically/portrait orientation, but that was more a coincidence than a unifying theme.  I think that’s clear from the body of images, however. One thing that I have had to work on in my own photography is my natural instinct to rotate the camera into portrait orientation almost as a default. Perhaps I just see the world more in that view, or it’s just a bad habit I need to break. Either way, most ways to share photographs (websites, blogs, books, etc) are all geared more toward a landcape-heavy orientation, or even square. Not sure why this is–perhaps I need more formal photographic training to understand this better.

On another note, I got some pretty good feedback from the first set I posted, so here are some more.  I have been thinking recently that perhaps the University would like some of these prints for decoration, or advertising, or some other purpose.  Although I have gotten requests for prints from others, I haven’t gotten any from them yet 🙂

I would really love some feedback on my images–positive or negative.  I appreciate critiques as much as the odd favorable comment, so please don’t be shy in letting me know the full force of your opinions on my work.  I’m trying to gauge where I’m at photographically, so it all helps me to paint a picture.  Often, we are too close to our own work–especially work that is meaningful to us–to be able to see it from a distance and judge it, dispassionately, on its merits alone.  So do let me know what you think.

I am doing me best to make it to all of your blogs, and follow those that I like.  I have even found some of you on twitter!

Fuji X100 | 1/400 @ f/7.1 | ISO 400


  1. My favorite aspect of most of your pictures here is that while they seem desolate in nature, there is still so much to observe about them. Your photos fascinate me. Call me a sucker for B&Ws but I love taking a close look at them and noting what I like about them in my head. Definitely inspired to take even more pictures than I already do for my own blog. Keep going!


  2. I think your B&Ws work especially well when shadows loom in the picture. Not that the ones without shadows aren’t good, just that shadows have a character all their own which seems to harmonize nicely with the other lines in B&W.

    Nice work.


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