Fargo Shapes

Fuji X100 | 1/500 @ f/7.1 | ISO 100

To start the week off, here is a set of images taken over the past few months (the suddenly very cold weather means that I am reduced to culling the archives for shots to post rather than posting new material for the time being) in Fargo, North Dakota.  They are taken with a variety of cameras, including my trusty Nikon D700, the ever-enjoyable Fuji X100, and the now-gone Panasonic Lumix GF3–which was a fantastic camera, but I could not afford to keep both it and the X100, so it had to go–that all yield different results. I hope they flow together as a set and work cohesively.

As always, I would love to hear what you think, be it positive or negative. I need critiquing as much as the next guy. If you like what you see here, please feel free to use the buttons down below to share the post via facebook, twitter, email, or Google+…or you can feel free to reblog my post on your blog, just be sure that wherever you post it to give credit.

Thanks to those who have been sharing my work so far. There is nothing better than having someone be so impressed with me work that they feel the need to share it with others. So, again, thank you. The feedback I have received here has been overwhelming and incredibly flattering.



  1. I’m impressed with the quality of light and the color you got with the GF3 on the bike rack and stairs, I might have thought that was the x100. Did you do much post-processing on those? I’ve been looking at getting a mirrorless, and GX1 and X100 both on the not-so-short short list. Nice work!


    1. I do not do a whole lot of PP on my photos, including the one you mentioned. I thoroughly enjoyed the GF3–it is incredibly quick to focus and very small; I used it with the 14/2.5 and the 20/1.7 lenses exclusively, and was really quite impressed with them. HOWEVER…

      The X100 is on another level for me. I am adept with using the screen on the back of a camera to take photographs, but I am at home with a viewfinder. I love the process of lifting the camera to my eye and composing the photograph that way; to me, it’s what I was missing from film photography (well, not only that) and it’s the reason that I ultimately returned the GF3 and went with the X100. There are times I miss the GF3, but I’d never trade my X100 for it–despite it being half the price of my X100. I like my X100 at least twice as much.

      I’m not sure about the GX1, but having owned the GF1 and GF3, I’d say the GX1 would be a solid choice. But I’d take the X100 every time. Depends on what you want out of it, I suppose.

      Thanks for stopping by–hope that helps!


  2. I love the B&W picture of the overpass, reminds me of the time my husband drove to Tioga, ND. It rained so hard we had to stop the car under the overpass on the highway. It must have rained hard for like five minutes. Great memory picture thanks for sharing.


  3. These straight (or sharpen) edges/lines of structures are amazing in your photographs. Especially when it is in Black and White… Standing so impressive. Thank you, with my love, nia


  4. The strength of the photos are the absence of cars and/or people. I think the “Power Pole” shot is the weakest; mainly because it is centered. The “Dorm Desk” I feel is the strongest–love the contrast.

    Thanks for sharing.


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