England 2011-12: After Dark

Fuji X100 | 1/150 @ f/3.2 | ISO 1250


Another day, another set from the London 2011-12 trip. Today I chose to inflict upon the waiting hordes this collection of shots from England after the sun sets. I enjoy shooting at night, but I tend to favor monochrome when the sun goes down, as the combination of digital noise in color being unappetizing and the gritty feel of black and white seem to make it an obvious choice. This time, however, I shot mostly in color. I hope you enjoy them, and please let me know if you do, but constructive criticism can also help a lot.

Please feel free to re-blog, or share via your other social media platform of choice, my posts. I love being able to reach new people all over the world who enjoy my images and feel a connection to what I shoot, and post, here. Ever since being Freshly Pressed the attention that I have garnered here has been quite astonishing, and quite flattering. Thanks to all you visitors who have made it possible!



  1. The shot of the Old Bailey is very nice–love the vibrancy of the sky. The shot of the pub (Date) has wonderful atmosphere–nice capture. Smoke Break and Looking Past One Another are nice street images; you captured moments that work well within their space/composition of the photograph.


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