England 2011-12: Window Shopping

Fuji X100 | 1/60 @ f/2 | ISO 250

Another set of images from my most recent trip to England.  There are a lot of images, and I will certainly not post them all here, but I have a few more posts of photos from England–hang in there!  We will soon resume our usual collection of images from the barren tundra that is Fargo, North Dakota.

One thing I find fascinating is photographing through storefronts.  For most people, the glass of a window feels, unconsciously, like a wall; that is, they do not think of it as transparent.  They go about their business acting like it is a boundary through which one cannot see.  This comfort allows people, who are within sight of lots of people and in a public space, to let down their guard and act more naturally.  This blending of public space and private behavior is what I find fascinating about them.

I also enjoy the rich visuals one can get from juxtaposing the images behind the glass, on the glass, and in front of the glass.  This creates a depth, for me, that is visually exciting and when done well, can give the eye much to roam over and explore over a series of viewings.  Carefully composed then, this one photograph can take on the effect of a multiple exposure.

As always, let me know what you think, and get in touch.  Feel free to share the photographs you see here with others, but please do NOT use my images anywhere without my express permission, lest we get into a copyright debate.  If you would like a print of any of the images on my blog, send me an email and I can make a print and send it to you.


  1. The image of the three fashionistas striding by is my favorite–possibly of the whole trip! Fantastic capture. This is one of those times that you happened to be in the right place at the right time and captured the perfect moment!


  2. I love this series of photos with window shots. And I admire your courage in taking such pictures – I’m still in the very shy stage when it comes to taking photos in public. 😉


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