Back in Fargo

Fuji X100 | 1/280 @ f/4.5 | ISO 200


“And now for something completely different.” – Monty Python

After all the days lately of photos from my most recent trip to England, I thought I would spruce it up with some shots of glamorous Fargo, North Dakota.  All jokes aside, it is quite a shock coming back here after I leave to go anywhere.  This is the most empty place I have ever lived; everywhere you look there is nothing but space, as far as you can see.

We will get back to shots of jolly old England tomorrow…



One Comment

  1. I love hearing someone else’s perspective on Fargo. Growing up a few miles outside of Fargo, you see it as an urban sprawl. And it is in comparison to the rest of the state. But in reality it is so spacious. The lack of glamour is almost humorous in these pictures. Loving them.


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