Winter Campus

"Classroom 116" Fuji X100 | 1/140 @ f/2.8 | ISO 400

Back on campus today!  I went around shooting yesterday for a bit during the day, and was forced inside by the cold weather.  It was +5F yesterday (and very windy) , which is cold enough to make the fingers go numb after too shooting for too long.  The unpleasant weather did not stop me from shooting altogether, however, and now my loyal followers are reaping the rewards (or the punishment–depending on your perspective) of my determination.

I am trying to document my time here at NDSU as my time here slowly winds down.  This is my final semester of course work, and then on to the thesis-writing bit, which may or may not have me in Fargo predominantly.  The England series will continue, as I need to wrap it up before my next big trip–only 30 days until we touch down in sunny Lisbon, Portugal!




  1. These campus shots are significantly better than your earlier ones from this fall! “Fangorn” is a good one as it captures the moments in-between classes–the trompled snow, yet no students present. “Jitters” is nice; also really like “Classroom 116” (nicely composed) and “Cyclists.”


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