How To: Shoot Through Windows

"The Conversation" - Monticello, MN


I have mentioned before how much I like shooting into windows.  I find it really can add quite a bit of depth to an image, if composed and exposed well.  It’s not always easy, especially for exposing the image properly, to get a window shot right.  But when you do, it can really help the frame by layering it with a myriad of detail and can say so much more.  The above image was shot through two windows, and is not a product of Photoshop-gimmickry, multiple exposure, or some other such nonsense; it’s simply the result of a keen eye and a bit of patience.

I have included a number of photos that use this window-shooting technique in this post, and I had posted a previous set that was done through windows–but it was only taken from photos from my most recent trip to England (London, Norwich, and Wigan).  If you have questions, please put them in the comments below, and I will answer them as soon as possible.

I hope you like this set, and if you do, please let me know!  In addition, if you like what you see from my blog, please consider letting others know about my work so they can hopefully enjoy it too; the Internet is great for sharing information around the globe, but it only works if you let them know how to get here 🙂  You can use the buttons below to share the post via Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, or simply email the link to your friends.  Thanks in advance!




  1. How exactly do you manage to capture the reflection on the glass? Is it just by using manual focus and narrowing it down to the glass? I tend to shoot though glass without any problem, and now I seem unable to shoot on the glass.


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