Film Project Update

"Test Shot" - Fargo, ND

Here is another update on my film project, which is running all year and documenting my 30th year here on this little blue planet.  I shot most of these this past weekend and had them processed while I was in the Twin Cities for the long holiday weekend.  I have been enjoying the M6TTL 0.85 so much that I am thinking of selling the ol’ M3 DS to a new owner who will treat her well!  I hate to have her sitting around and not getting much use, but we will see over the coming weeks which one I find myself reaching for most often.

I had gotten away from film a bit over the previous year-and-a-half and I am really enjoying it again; it’s like I’ve discovered a long-lost friend once again.  I love the look, and the tactile nature, of film–I love that I have actually created something, rather than aimed a sensor at something and created a digital array of 1’s and 0’s inside of a computer.  I also love old cameras, which are far more enjoyable (to me) to hold and work with.  Additionally, as I mentioned earlier this week, I really like the fact that I can’t look at my images right away; I have started doing the same with my digital files, too.  I now find myself leaving them on the memory card altogether, or importing them to Aperture and leaving them there for a while.  It makes coming back to them much more satisfying.

Let me know if you like what you see here, either by leaving a comment or clicking the “like” button at the top of the screen.  If you enjoy my work, consider letting someone else know about it, either via flickr, twitter, google+, facebook, or email–there are links below each post.





  1. I used a film the other day, I agree, the excitement of opening the envelope a month or so later when you have forgotten what you took a picture of is great. As you say there is something nice about old film cameras, I use two 35 mms and two 2 1/4 squares reasonably often.
    I like the idea of putting digital images in to Aperture and forgetting about them for a month, will give it a try.


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