Fargo, North Dakota: Urban Decay



I hope everyone is having a cracking weekend!  Just this morning I realized I was featured by Bellamy Hunt, on Japan Camera Hunter; feel free to check it out. I love that site, and it’s an honor to be a (small) part of it. Check out my page, and then do indeed check out the rest of his site as well.

Today’s shots showcase a different side of Fargo. I think that is evident immediately, and it is a side that I have noticed since I got here, to be honest. This is a small town, and the first thing I noticed is the amount of space here. It feels like the prairie–which it is–and it’s also a very working-class town. There are no “ritzy” parts of Fargo. Even the “downtown” area, as small as it is, feels like it’s a good bit past it’s prime. And it’s empty.

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    1. I do indeed take walks, but as you know, Fargo is so spread out that you have to drive to get places. But I will often park and then wander around.

      Good to hear from a native Fargoan 🙂


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