Fargo, ND | November 2011

Here is a n update of the BATHROOM TREVOR project that I mentioned recently. So far, this has consisted of pruning the archives to get some of these shots together, as well as some new ones. I don’t obsess over bathroom self-portraits; I’m more of an opportunist. When a shot presents itself, I take it, but my principal photographic mission isn’t this project. This is a side-project, albeit decidedly long-term.

If you like this project, then you should be sure to check out the tumblr feed that accompanies it, or the flickr set.



  1. Dear Trevor, sometimes I can’t understand, my English language is not as yours of course. Could you tell me what means the tumblr feed to include submissions from others, can you explain more for me 🙂 Thank you, with my love, nia


  2. Yes, it was you, that I was inspired by…. 🙂 How amazing you are. I tried to take a picture in the bathroom from the mirror but without camera… How difficult it was I understand… You did great series, Thank you dear Trevor, with my love, nia


      1. Sorry to budge in, but I think that while accepting submissions from others could be fun, you could also be opening your feed up to a bunch of rubbish or inappropriate pictures… Either way, I like this feed. It’s fun and whimsical!

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