Film Project Update 4

"Reflection" - Minneapolis, MN

It’s time for another film update!

I have been shooting a lot of film lately (far more than digital), but have been getting things processed and trying to work out the kinks in my scanning/digitizing workflow. I think I finally worked out the kinks with a little help from a friend of mine who is great with these things, and also has some really good work of his own. You should check him out.

Anyhow, after much work in front of the compter, and with the scanner, I think things are really clicking now. Expect more frequent film updates going forward.

As always, if you like what you see of my work, let me know. It’s always awesome to hear from people who appreciate your work; if you know someone who might enjoy my work as well, please spread the word via facebook, twitter, or any other social networking platform of your choice.



  1. I like “Private Parking”–it fits with your ‘photography of the absurd’ interest in street photography. Not only is it documenting a strange scene–the need to put up signage regarding private parking in an alley of shambles–but it is also nicely composed. “Stairs” is also nice; I like the way the shadow of the railing ties the sets of steps together in a continuous connection–like a Mobius strip.


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