England 2011-12: In the Street

"Fashion Slaves" - London, England


Normal service should resume soon–today we got home after 12 days in Porto and Lisbon, Portugal.  Once I get caught up on sleep I will get back on and get this running again.  Thanks for all who have continued to come while I was gone; I appreciate you continuing to stop by and check out my work all the same.  I have been putting up some photographs, but have not been typing much to accompany them, since all of the posts for the past two weeks were done ahead of time.  But, at least WordPress lets me schedule things out so I can have some semblance of normalcy in times like this.

The England series is about over.  I have a few more pictures I will be posting, but I’ve almost posted everything that I am happy with–though I did post quite a bit.  My standards are probably a bit lax since it’s just a blog, however.  If this was a gallery showing my work, I’d probably only have 10-20 images from the trip with which to tell the story, and that can go either way–it condenses your work into only the best, but means you have to exclude a good many shots you may really like, for one reason or another.  Enough of my nonsensical ravings, though…

If you like my work, please do tell others about it.  Email them the link, or share the link on facebook, twitter, or some other social network. It really does mean a lot to have so many people coming to see my work.  I’m trying my hardest to have people see and enjoy it, so any help would be appreciated.


One Comment

  1. I really like the 2nd shot. Great fence and building. I would have probably liked it w/the fence being more symmetrical, but that’s just my OCD. The other walking by shot is cool, nice moldy fence and phone booth.


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