Film Project Update

"Momentary" - St Paul, MN

I finally got the very first roll of film that I put through my Leica M6 back from processing. The fellow I bought it from had loaded a roll of Fuji Velvia 100, but then did not start the roll before sending it to me. I hate to use such beautiful film as a test roll, but there you have it–I had no choice! Now, I have gotten other rolls of film back from my Leica M6, but it was all color negative film, which takes far less time to process than slide film does. I love the results from slide film, and for me it is the most tactile of films; you can really hold in your hand your end product, which I find incredibly gratifying.

Be that as it may, I have thoroughly enjoyed using the M6. It has a few advantages over my M3–principally the light meter–and it handled well in Portugal. Perhaps I will do a write-up, a la my X100 “review” at some point, but that remains to be seen. If you are interested in either of these cameras, the M-mount system more broadly, or even just shooting film, feel free to drop me a line with any questions or comments you might have. You can also read my piece on shooting film here.

I have sent off all the film from Portugal off for processing, so when it comes in I will have much scanning to do!


  1. i just bought a bunch of slide film (velvia 50 and provia 100) from various eBay sellers for soooo much cheaper than retail (about $11 a roll at calumet). definitely check eBay before you buy retail. love the “laughter” shot. also, i have leica envy. i doubt i’ll ever be able to afford one. for now, it’s just me and my AE-1.


    1. Forget Leica envy. You can make photographs just as good with the AE-1. That’s a lovely, classic camera. Velvia is great film, but the color saturation can be a little TOO intense at times for my taste. Provia is my 2nd favorite slide film–Ektachrome E100G is my #1, especially in medium format.


      1. yeah, i’ve made some great photos with my AE-1, but there is that look that you can get with only a leica. also, as a street photographer, i’ve wanted one forever. alas, i probably won’t be able to afford one until i’m too old to go street shooting anymore 🙂 i shot a bunch of velvia in nicaragua and loved the super saturation, especially with all of the bright colors there. i’ve never shot ektachrome. will have to look into getting some.

  2. I like the color and feel of these compared to digis. Film definitely adds character that you don’t get with digital cameras. Nice blue sky in the couch/dumpster shot, you def have a knack for that. I have to ask about the lamp. Is that in a hotel or do you have hotel lamps at home?


    1. Truth be told about the lamps…they are at my parents’ house. I never thought they looked like hotel lamps, but then again, maybe I just don’t stay in fancy enough hotels 🙂

      I agree on the color and character of film. Digital can’t touch it, in my opinion.


      1. Did I mention how nice the lamps are? I better not offend your mom. I might need a ride to a brewery or airport some time in the future.

      2. Since I am not speaking to your friend Allan, please tell him that I happen to like these simple lamps. Nice photos btw. I like Cat Nap.

    1. Thanks…I really love slide film for the colors it can produce. There is absolutely no post-processing work here. This is straight from the scan!


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