From The Archives: Florida 2009, Part Two

"Summer" - Anna Maria Island, FL

Here is the second part of the series on my annual trip to Anna Maria Island, Florida. The 2009 trip was unique for me; it was the only one thus far that was documented without any digital cameras. It was all analog, all the time in the summer of 2009. It is another plain example of why I fell in love with slide film that summer–and that romance is still intact. I shoot slide film quite a bit, and have been partial to it ever since that trip.

For me, slide film is the most tactile of films. I appreciate that I can hold it in my hand, up to the light, and see the image I made. Negative (both black and white, and color) film is hard to do that with, as you can’t see the image in the same manner as you can when holding a slide. It can produce brilliant colors. It can be put into a projector and shown to others. For all of these reasons, and more, I love slides. Slides are the most interactive–the most social–type of film.

I can only hope that in 100 years, long after I am dead, my grandchildren can find a shoebox full of slides, dust them off, and hold them up to the light. When they will do, they will see a person they can’t recognize, or some random shot of mine from over the years, or they may see their parents and grandparents; but they will see it. They won’t see any of the files on my external hard drive, which will inhabit some landfill at that point. But in their hands, they will hold something that I made. That is the magic of film, especially slide film.



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