England 2011-12: No People

"Postcards" - London, England


I’m almost at the end of the shots that I’d like to share from my last trip to England, but there are a few more.  This set is all from London, and all shot with the Fuji X100.  I know, I have been on an analog kick lately, but it can’t all be film all the time!  I have a few random rolls sitting on my desk that I just haven’t had the time to scan yet; the end of the semester is really putting me in a crunch and it’s hard enough to find the time to post from the archives, so that’s what we have for now.

London is one of the busiest cities I’ve ever been to.  With that said, there are moments when you find things that have an empty quality to them.  We flew into London on Christmas Day, and I have never been through Heathrow airport that fast before.  It was only a few minutes from getting off the plane to walking outside into the cold English air.  Most of the shots I have posted–and most that I took–are of people, but here are a few that are a bit different.  I hope you like them.  I think that they can say as much about the city as those with people in the streets, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

The rest of that day was pretty dead, and several of the shots from today were taken on that same day as we walked the nearly 7 miles from our hotel to Stamford Bridge, where we watched Chelsea 1-1 Fulham.  We sat with the Fulham fans and it was a great atmosphere–at least in our end.  But more on that tomorrow, along with some photos from the match!

See you tomorrow.  For now, keep shooting.




  1. Compositional bliss in “stairs”, the best shot in my eyes

    That being said, love the nudy telephone booth and the contradiction in “ignored”


    1. I haven’t ever traded prints with anyone, but I’m open to the idea! Drop me a line via my “about” page and we can talk details. Thanks for stopping by!


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