Happy Birthday!

"Sunset" - Florida, 2011

Today is my son’s 7th birthday, and in honor of him, I thought this post should be a retrospective of the past seven years we have spent together. As I have said before, what kind of camera equipment you use is irrelevant, as long as you manage to capture the moments that will become more important to you as time goes by. Looking through the photos, I can see my own skills and the way I use photography evolving and growing almost as much as my baby boy–I’m sure you will notice a change as well. Be that as it may, the memories captured (on film or digital) are all that matter.

So, Max…this post is for you. Your dad loves you more than you know, and photographs of you is how I express that. I have watched you grow up and I have watched you through all stages of life, through failures and successes, and I hope we will share many more moments before it’s all over. Happy birthday.

I love you.

Love, Dad


  1. I wish I checked your page more often, now this post is late! This is so wonderful Trev. Happy birthday to the cutest nephew in the whole world. Love you, Nutty.


  2. That sunset photo is fantastic. And your words to your son…. Enough to make me miss my two boys- who are now 28 and 29. It’s interesting that, as dad’s we are usually behind the camera and photos together- father and son- are few. Sadly!


  3. This is so sweet, what a lovely birthday gift for your son! Your love shines through your words and photography. šŸ™‚ The sunset photo is just dazzling, too.


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