Portugal 2012: Bus Window

"Bus Window" - Lisbon, Portugal


I finally got my film back from Portugal, and I am slowly scanning the results. It is a rather laborious process–especially with 30+ rolls of film–so it will take time. However, I must say that I am quite pleased with the results so far.  I have 23 rolls of slide film, and 12 rolls of print film (in both color and black and white); the results from the Kodak Portra, both 160 and 400, are particularly lovely, as is the Tri-X 400. They will eventually grace the pages of this blog, so be patient!

Today’s shot was made with my trusty Fuji X100, which, as I have said here on several occasions, I absolutely love. It gives great results (even the JPEGs straight out of the camera are almost always amazing), has a lovely viewfinder, and is very small and quiet. With a 35mm focal length lens, it forces me to get in closer than I normally would to people–being a 50mm guy generally–but it’s so quiet and unobtrusive that I can get in close without disturbing the scene. I saw this lady as I was waiting to get on the bus, and the light hit her face perfectly as she looked out the window. Despite all that is going on around her, I get the feeling of a quiet serenity around her…like she’s sitting there all alone without a care in the world.

I’d love to hear comments on your experiences with the X100 if you have any, or any comments on today’s photograph!


  1. I love the shot. When one’s travelling alone, that’s the thing she/he would like do. Staring out of the window (even when she brings book or listen to music, at some point she will stare out of the window and thinking about something, or just daydreaming). Great shot. I love the light that fell on her face, the reflection of the bus windows, the business of people around her.


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