Portugal 2012: Kodak Portra 160, Roll #1

"Analog Couple" - Lisbon, Portugal


Today is the final post from the first roll (the first that I scanned–not chronologically the first) from Portugal. The couple up top were meandering through the pedestrian zone and window-shopping while I was out shooting in the streets on my own one afternoon. A few minutes before this picture was taken, I ran into them for the first time; I saw him with the venerable M3 on his shoulder, and he spotted me with my M6. As we passed each other, he held out his M3 at me and I reciprocated. We shared a moment, and moved on. Shortly thereafter, I saw them at this book shop and took their picture. Incidentally, she had a Nikon F3 across her body. Love, Lisbon, and analog photography–what else could you possibly need?


  1. “Analog Couple” is certainly my favorite. The textures pop out so vividly you can almost feel them. The awkward, tender innocence of the couple makes for a fun shot too.


  2. These are familiar places to me!
    Good shots. Admire your patience for scanning… but the colour surely has a distinctive feel to it.


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