Portugal 2012: Kodak Tri-X 400, Roll #3

“Discussion” – Lisbon, Portugal


After a weekend off, we are back to Portugal! This time it is still Lisbon (don’t worry, Porto shots are coming!), and the area that was built for the Expo ’98, in the far eastern outskirts of the city. It’s a very interesting little borough, starting with the train station, which looks like a piece of the set from a Star Trek film. It’s very interesting architecturally, and the grounds were mostly barren except for a few groups of school kids the day we went there. The Ocenario de Lisboa (the Lisbon Aquarium) was very nice indeed, and is in the same grounds.

I hope you like today’s shots–there are more rolls of Tri-X to come. I shot 6-7 rolls of it in Portugal, since I mostly shot slide film. Scanning is coming along slowly, but continuously…




  1. Some nice compositions here, Trev. Totally different experience than looking at those ultra-contrasty prints! “Voyeur” is great; love the use of inanimate objects to create an interesting scene.


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