Portugal 2012: Porto

“Light” – Porto, Portugal



Here is some slide film that I scanned and edited, as the scanning continues to come along slowly. I have been busy lately, so the scanning has been paused for the last week or so as I finish up the semester. However, here is one of the rolls that I scanned and edited a while back. I am not sure what kind of film this is anymore–I think it was likely Fuji Provia 100F but I’m not certain–but maybe it doesn’t matter. Frankly, when scanning I have been having problems with getting the colors to look as amazing as they do when I look at the slides with my own two eyes, but I think part of that is simply that things get lost in the conversion from analog to digital. I wish it wasn’t the case, but I’m afraid there is only so much one can do to maintain film’s brilliance when converting it to digital.

I hope you like today’s shots from Porto; these are the first shots that I have posted from Porto from our recent trip to Portugal. I loved Porto, and will say more about it in a future post. If I had to choose, I’d say I liked Porto a bit more than Lisbon, though that is a difficult decision to be forced into 🙂





  1. Love “Alley.” This was one (of my many) favorites while looking through the slides. You are right though, the analog to digi conversion changes the image… luckily your compositions are nice, so losing some of the brilliance of the colors doesn’t hurt the strength of your shots.


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