Portugal 2012: “Portugal, in Monochrome”

“Streetside” – Porto, Portugal

I finally finished the next book in the Portugal 2012 trilogy.  The first book, longtime readers will recall, was published a while back, and consisted solely of shots made with my iPhone and the Hipstamatic app.  Be sure to check that out!

So the next book, now is the black and white version of my time in Portugal. It is titled “Portugal, in Monochrome” and, as I said, is done.  I would love to have any feedback that anyone would like to leave.  The book is a mixture of film and digital; the digital was all taken with my Fuji X100, and the film was taken with Kodak 400TX (Tri-X) and my Leica M6TTL 0.85.

Any feedback is appreciated!  Honestly, I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts about it–even though many of you follow and visit every day, you remain silent 😦  Seriously, leave some comments and let me know what you think about the blog now and again.  Also, feel free to share the blog with friends, family, and other connections who might like it via various social networks.




  1. Congratulations on your book!
    I find your photos to be a very perceptive visual description of Lisbon, Porto and its inhabitants.


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