I’m happy to announce that my website is officially open for business!

Please add it to your bookmarks, and tell your friends! It will continue to be tweaked (endlessly, I’m sure) but it’s basically up and running and good to go. It won’t change by leaps and bounds, but you will see additions as new projects are realized and finalized. Additionally, there is another photo book in progress that should be finished some time next month.

The shot above is from my latest project, titled “Summer Job”, which chronicles my experience being on military orders for the summer and beyond. At some point–when the project is closer to completion–I will sit down and write up an artist’s statement about the project and the idea that inspired it. I am hoping to get some thoughts on the website when you all have a chance to check it out.

Thanks for all the support for those of you who continue to check the blog daily. The blog will continue to be updated regularly, and you can link back to this blog from my website if you want as well.




  1. What is the difference between the website and the blog? What do you plan to do with the website?


    1. The website is designed as a portfolio, essentially–it should house a collection of my very best work. The blog is for daily/regular updates to share recent work, and isn’t vetted as hard as my website.


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