New Arrivals

“New Arrivals” – Saint Paul, MN

The website has been sucking up my time lately, and so has the search for a new laptop.  My poor little MacBook Air can’t handle all the processor-heavy tasks that I have been throwing at it lately, and it gets hard to edit on such a small screen (11″ diagonally); I will be on the road for the majority of the next year, so my precious iMac sits at home on my desk, unused 😦  I need to get something that is powerful enough for photo and video editing on the fly (using mostly Aperture and Final Cut Pro), while still being mobile.  I have been, and will continue to be, a Mac user for the foreseeable future.

Anyone have any suggestions?  What do you all use in terms of software and hardware?  I’d love some feedback!  I’m looking at the Retina display MacBooks, but man they aren’t cheap…

In the meantime, most of my photos this summer have been on film.  I sent away 19 (yes, nineteen!) rolls of film yesterday, and should have them back in 7-10 days from North Coast Photo.  If you need a great place to send film, I can’t recommend them highly enough.  Check them out!  I will be putting up some things, but not a ton.  I have a few longer-term projects that I am working on, and I won’t be  posting things from them until they are done, for the most part.  I will be posting parts of my “Summer Job” project as it trickles out, so stay tuned for that, however.  Other shots will be posted, like today, as they come up.

See y’all around!




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