Summer Job


Here is another update from the “Summer Job” project. Any other ideas or suggestions for the project?  A good deal of it is on film, so more will come in the future.  I hope to be able to document something significant at the end of this project.  Ideally, the final selection of images will be able to say something more about what I do here, besides what I do on a day-to-day basis–does that make any sense?

I will try to post something from this project every day, though some days are busier than others.  It isn’t meant as a “365 project” (albeit truncated) similar to those that seem to be very popular with a certain crowd on flickr, but rather something more.  Each daily image may not be eye-catching or amazing, but it is meant to be taken as an entire set.  Please follow up each day, but reserve judgements until there is something more significant to look at.  Thanks…keep coming with comments and suggestions, however.  Those are always helpful, and welcomed.

Primarily, this will be using my iPhone and my Olympus XA2.  I need to use things that are small, discrete, and lightweight; I can’t carry around a full-on camera (since I do actually have work to do), so this is where smaller formats are beneficial.  The iPhone in particular is a great way to carry a camera everywhere with me, without having to worry about where to put it.

Now back to work… 🙂





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