Summer Heat


It has been ridiculously hot the past few days–on Wednesday we nearly hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  For a place like Minnesota, with all the humidity we have on top of that…man, it’s crazy!

But still, who doesn’t love summer?  Sunshine and warm weather brings everyone outside no matter how much they sweat and complain about the heat.  For us, the alternative is super long, dark, and very cold winters; most people up here would take 100 degrees over -30 degrees any day, I imagine.

Stay cool, no matter where you are!



  1. It’s funny how different things can be. In a place where it’s supposed to be miserably hot, San Antonio, we stay in as much as possible during the heat spells. In contrast, you crazies are out enjoying the triple digit weather in a place that is supposed to stay mild.


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