Blues Monday



The heat is oppressive, but inside it’s tolerable.  Another day of my summer job is upon me, and I thought I’d share it with you all.  Uniforms are not incredibly comfortable, the offices are too warm, and the lifestyle is not as glamorous as some might think.  Things are not as spiffy as the movies make them out to be.  The work can be tedious, most of it not dogfighting a la “Top Gun”, but in front of a computer screen.  It’s not sexy.

Filling out forms.  Killing time.  Counting down the hours.

Every week, Monday brings me nothing but the Blues.

I hope you all are enjoying your Blues Monday as much as I am.



  1. It might not seem a glamourous office nor a glamourous job but I can see it turned it into a photo opportunity. That´s the way to go!


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