“Descending” – Minneapolis, MN

Before I was hospitalized, I had a few chances to get out and shoot in Minneapolis. I have to say, that with the heatwave we have had over the past few weeks, I have shot decidedly less that I had intended; after working all day, heading out into 100F+ heat isn’t really very appealing. However, I did get out a few times. My hope is that as the heat abates a little, I will have more chances to shoot in the city.

My “Summer Job” project is going well so far, and I am confident that it will bear fruit at the end. I have a good number of rolls of film to sift through over the next few days, which I am also excited about. I will hopefully be posting some film shots before I leave for vacation in Florida.

I will be in Florida, on Anna Maria Island, for a week starting on the 21st, so blogging will be slow then as well. It seems like every time I turn around, I’m off somewhere–presently I am also finalizing plans for my annual trip to England with my dad in December of this year.



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One Comment

  1. Really like Descending. Especially like the one woman in the TRIO shirt giving you that look like – what are you looking at?


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