Nature Walk

“Size Difference” – Fargo, ND


I thought I’d upload another quick set from a roll of film I took on a walk with Megan in Fargo, North Dakota in May 0f 2012. This is all shot on Kodak Portra 160, but expired in 2003, so you can see a bit of color distortion for sure. Portra is not usually this green, though I do find it greener than, say, Ektar, which is decidedly more red, or Fuji Pro 400H, which is more magenta. All films have their own characteristics, and that–for me, anyway–is part of the fun of using it. Understanding how to use different films, and learning which I like, and which I don’t, is all part of the fun.

I haven’t tried too many films that I haven’t liked until now, though TMAX is probably my least favorite that I have used. It’s far too contrasty for my taste. Equally Fuji’s Velvia (50 or 100) is too saturated and punchy for my liking; Provia has much more pleasant colors. But that’s just me!

Anyone else have experience with film they want to share? Do so below in the comment section! I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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  1. The greenish tint in these shots works for me. It gives it a nostalgic feel that isn’t over done(I’m looking at you instagram!).


  2. I just shot my first roll of Portra 160, and I noticed it was fairly green, too. I thought it was something I did, and it may have been something I did to some degree. (I never rule out user error on my part.) Still great shots, though. Those that say film is “dead” don’t realize that there is such a HUGE selection of film out there now. From what I’ve read, there are more flavors of film now than there have been at any other point in time. I like TMAX and Velvia, but that’s the great thing about film. You try it, you buy more if you like it. You don’t like it, you try something else. Great shots! Glad you’re on the mend, and I look forward to what you do once you’re back to 100%.


    1. Thanks, and I agree that the selection of film is still outstanding, despite the recent losses of Neopan 1600, and all of Kodak’s E6 films 😦



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