Analog Squares

“Sunbathing” – Fargo, ND


Another roll of film! More expired Portra, so the green tint is there again. The older/more expired the Portra is, the more green you seem to get. At least, that’s my experience. But, I could be way off 🙂

What impresses me about the Hasselblad 501CM is the sharpness of the lenses. I don’t add any sharpening–actually, I don’t add anything at all, these are straight from the scanner, just scaled down to 50% for web viewing–and there is a ton of detail in the girls, the grass, and the leaves of the tree. It really is something to behold. Every time I get annoyed with how bit and bulky the Hasselblad is, I look at the shots I get from it and I fall in love all over again.

I even passed the camera off to Megan for a quick shot. She handled her first-ever Hasselblad shot like a champ! Too bad her subject was a little ugly 🙂

“Me” – Fargo, ND

Fargo is such an exciting (did I just say exciting?) place, that there are always shots to take. Yeah, that isn’t true, it’s a bit dull. I’m happy to be back in the Twin Cities, to be honest. But my time in Fargo was another experience, and another state I can say I have lived in (What others, do you ask? Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, New York, Texas, California, and North Dakota. Whew, that’s a lot!) and on the whole I didn’t dislike Fargo too much 🙂

“Fargo” – Fargo, ND

As always, I love hearing your thoughts and feedback on my posts!




  1. That Portra really has a nice feel to it and the Hasselblad is such a great camera. The lenses are brilliant, really. I love the feel of the old plain CT. I have a 60mm, 80mm and the 150mm. Last week I got a new 120 Makro-Planar as it is, by far, the sharpest lens I’ve ever used on the Hasselblad. And not too far away from the 80mm so it can be used as an all around lens 🙂

    Nice pictures Trevor. Simple and documental.

    Please forgive my poor English.


  2. Nice, crisp and clear. The green isn’t really noticeable at all…actually, I see red. But I could be off too. – how expired is the Portra? Like your tag -> “buy film not megapixels” – that would make a great t-shirt!


    1. The portra is expired by about a decade if I recall…I think it was 2001-02. There are stickers and t-shirts with that slogan already. Google it and buy some! I have the stickers on my computers and water bottles already 🙂


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