Fuji Sensia





Here are some shots from a roll of Fuji Sensia that I shot this spring. Today is just a quick post, as I am in Florida, on vacation, for the week. I shot some of this in the back yard, with Max just playing around and having fun.

And Max and Megan had fun playing around…

We also had fun in the earlier part of the roll, in Fargo. Max practiced his light saber skills as we dueled for hours on end…

We headed out for a walk with our cameras, but not before we had a quick standoff with our cameras before we headed out…

Then we walked, and I got distracted with random shots of nothingness…

And finally, I snapped a portrait of Megan in the yard to finish the roll. I never get sick of portraits of my lovely wife πŸ™‚

That’s all for now, folks!


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