Leica MP: First Roll

“Seeing Double” – Saint Paul, MN

Here is the first roll I put through my recently-acquired Leica MP. I managed to find one for a steal, so after selling my Leica M6TTL 0.85 I picked it up and so far I have to say, I love it. It’s very similar to the M6TTL, with a few differences; most are minor, but they matter a great deal when operating a manual camera. I actually prefer the larger shutter speed dial of the M6TTL, and the direction that it turns (which matches the arrows in the meter inside the viewfinder). I prefer the film advance lever of the M6 over the M3-styled one of the MP.

“NOT” – Saint Paul, MN

However, I do prefer the cleaner, simpler appearance of the MP. I also prefer the 0.72x magnification of this viewfinder, though that is not specific to the MP, only to the version that I managed to acquire. The internal components of the MP are of slightly higher quality, meaning that, in theory at least, the MP will last longer than the M6; in addition, the MP has only been manufactured since about 2003, so they are newer as well. Again, this should help them last longer. Essentially, my MP should be the last Leica M body that I’ll ever need. My MP has the M6-style film advance lever–a customization by the previous owner, which I greatly prefer but that reduces its “value” among collectors.

“Branding” – Saint Paul, MN

The MP really is a joy to use. It’s everything that I loved about my M3, combined with what I loved about the M6. In truth, I can’t see myself moving on to another film rangefinder, and I’m pretty sure that as much as I like my Zeiss Ikon, it will need to find a new home since it doesn’t get a lot of use anymore. The MP and a few lenses seems to be the perfect set-up for me in daily use, as well as for traveling.

“In Bloom” – Saint Paul, MN

Anyhow, this roll is shot with Kodak Ektar 100 as I was still recovering from my appendectomy earlier this month. I happen to really, really enjoy shooting with Ektar, even though shooting slow film isn’t my favorite. Although I have not tried pushing Ektar yet, I have heard from others that it actually can be pushed with pretty good results. The saturation and the colors are great, and the fine grain is awesome as well. I’m a big fan. In fact, in combination with Portra 400 and Tri-X, I don’t think I would need any other film, as much as I do like the Fuji films. That’s why the recent news that Kodak is putting up their film line for sale is pretty unnerving! Let’s hope that a decent buyer emerges so that their great films survive.

“Ubiquitous” – Saint Paul, MN


These were all taken around the neighborhood I grew up in, and the one my parents still live in. Enjoy a little slice of my life as it was a month ago. Big changes are afoot in the next few days…let’s hope they are for the better.


“Church Door” – Saint Paul, MN



  1. The MP is such a beauty. I got a small CL a couple of weeks for a bargain and I’m loving that Summicron C 40mm. Congratulations Trevor, you now own a perfect mechanical camera. I owned a Zeiss Ikon ZM and loved it. Sold it to get a Contax 645 🙂 If you are thinking about letting yours go… send me a note please.


    1. I enjoyed my CL, but wanted to move up from there. The 40/2 M-Rokkor I had was superb, but the Voigtlander is cheaper and gives an extra stop, so I swapped for that.

      I will let you know on the Zeiss!


  2. A lot of window selfies this post. The shots all seem really sharp, and great color from the film. I need to get some of that. All I have is some out of date Fuji film someone dumped on me.


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