Summer Job – iPhoneography, part 1

The summer is now officially over.  The “Summer Job” project is finished and the book is published.  The job ended–a bit earlier than anticipated–but there are still some shots left over that I never got around to putting up.  Initially, I had intended to use some of the pictures I took with my phone in the project, but when it came time to make the book and select the final set of images, I opted to use only those I had taken with my Olympus XA2.

I will post the ones from the summer that I liked the most in the near future.  Here is the first set…enjoy!

As always, feedback and comments are greatly appreciated!  If you take the time to stop by, and you like what you see here, please take a moment to let me know by leaving a comment below.  It does mean a lot to hear your thoughts on this blog and to keep me going 🙂





  1. Wow- what’s going on with those Scouts in that photo? And I love the photo with the plane seen through the window. What a nice shot.


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