More Baseball!

“Night Light” – Minneapolis, MN

Tonight I am heading to my final baseball game of the year.  Sheesh, for a guy who doesn’t really like baseball all that much, I sure go to a lot of games!  In honor of tonight’s game, I thought I’d post about the last game I went to.  This entire set was shot with my Zeiss Ikon rangefinder, using my 40mm f/1.4 lens and Fuji Superia 1600 (which, in case I have not mentioned it before, is a really underrated film, in my opinion).

During the drive to the game, my father and I encountered more traffic than usual for a weeknight in Minneapolis.  In fact, there was so much traffic that we sat at the exit on the freeway for a good 20 minutes as we waited to get downtown.  Naturally, I found a way to entertain myself.

“Traffic” – Minneapolis, MN

Once we finally arrived downtown, we found that the reason for the traffic was some race for some charity.  Since it was for a good cause, I didn’t get too upset about the traffic, or the crowds of people on our short walk from the parking deck to the ballpark.  After we parked, I leaned out over the sidewalk to grab a quick shot of a few people doing their thing in preparation of the marathon that evening.

“Runners” – Minneapolis, MN

We made it to Target Field and enjoyed an entertaining game (as entertaining as baseball can be!) against the Chicago White Sox.  Naturally, I can’t make it through the whole game just watching, so I wandered and took a few photos.

But not before taking a few shots from my seat.

There were celebrations to be performed…

“High Five” – Minneapolis, MN

And, of course, concessions to be paid for…

“Change” – Minneapolis, MN

After dark, the Superia 1600 did not let me down.  I always love the grain you get with this film, and 1600 is fast enough to shoot in most lighting conditions, especially with a rangefinder’s incredibly light shutter curtain.

I decided to go for a walk.

It seems that one of the principal reasons for hosting a baseball game, not to mention for attending one, are the concessions…

“Balance” – Minneapolis, MN

However, there are other employees at the park as well.  In fact, it seems that there are people working all over the place inside the ballpark.  Everywhere you look, there is someone doing some kind of job at the game.

“Long Shift” – Minneapolis, MN

All in all, it has been a successful season, I’d say.  I have seen more than enough baseball for one summer, but thankfully the basketball season is almost upon us…

My dad and I have season tickets to the Minnesota Timberwolves this year; after going to a few games the past few years, my dad took the leap and got a pair of seats for the year.  I am excited about that for sure, as I much prefer the sport of basketball to baseball–it’s just more entertaining!

“Watching” – Minneapolis, MN

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  1. I like baseball, but, yeah, the games are hard to photograph; unless you blew out the bank account buying “good seats”, it’s tough to get any usable images of the game itself. I like what you’ve done instead — a nice series of what goes on around the game.


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