Beer and Baseball

“Target Field” – Minneapolis, MN

What’s better than baseball?  Baseball and beer.

While having a beer at the ballpark is probably a tradition, having too many beers is definitely a tradition.  Why would anyone take off their shirt and paint their chest, or paint their face, if not under the influence of alcohol–and that was done at home!  At the ballpark, you can sit in your seat and enjoy beer after beer without having to move, thanks to the people selling in the stands.  Lovely.

However, if you have decided to also take photographs on this particular trip to the ballpark, watch out.  The results can be…interesting.

“Stands” – Minneapolis, MN

Of course, you can’t sit in your seat the entire time.  For one reason or another, you have to get up and move around.  For me, it’s usually the bathroom, or you have to get up and stretch your legs from the cramped little seats–especially if the game is crowded and you can’t really stretch out much.

Of course, if you’re bored with the game, that’s another reason to walk about a bit.  Not that I was bored, but some people seem like the baseball game itself is almost secondary to their visit to the game.  The game is simply the backdrop for the entire match-day experience anymore.  It is what it is, as a friend of mine always says, but there is something sad about that.  Is that how distracted and bored we get now?

“Twins” – Minneapolis, MN

As you have no doubt realized at this point, focusing was a bit of an issue.  When you then combine the fact that I was shooting slow film (I’m pretty sure it was Kodak Portra 160) and it was pretty dark, you get results like what you are witnessing.  At least there is a consistent visual theme to tie it all together!

Part of the problem was that this was all shot with my point-and-shoot, the venerable Olympus XA2.  There is no real focusing mechanism, and you can’t choose (or even see what the camera chose) the exposure settings.  In good light, the camera is awesome.  In low light, you have to be careful with it, but it’s best to play it safe and stick with faster film either way.

If you’re still with me, stay with me…you’re almost at the end.

“Concessions” – Minneapolis, MN

Another thing about baseball games that is consistent is the amount of food and beverage that is consumed.  VIrtually every shot today has people eating and drinking; concessions are a huge source of income for the team, and it shows.  Everywhere you walk there are concession stands.  Even when you sit in your seat, there are vendors with beer, soda, cotton candy, hot chocolate, ice cream, peanuts, cracker jack, nachos, hot dogs…really, whatever your heart desires.  Or doesn’t.

Either way, you can drop a ton of money at a baseball game, and that is after you paid the admission fee.  I have even heard folks say that they aren’t big baseball fans, but they go to the games for the food.


“Concourse” – Minneapolis, MN

Hopefully you enjoyed today’s post…and didn’t get seasick!

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  1. I like these type of images — since they are strangers (I’m assuming), it’s fitting to me that the shots themselves are “fleeting”. Color-wise, I think the Portra did well in these conditions.


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