“Purple” – Saint Paul, MN

These aren’t normally the types of shots I take, let alone upload, but they were taken over the summer as I was testing various films, cameras, and lenses. I liked them well enough to upload them…why let them sit and go unseen, right?

Anyway, more evidence that making images is simply that: the act of making images. I prefer a certain type of photography, just like everyone else. But regardless of the genre that I choose to put myself in–or am put in by others–what I really love to do is simply make images. Of everything. Everyday.

“Yellow” – Saint Paul, MN

I have used or tried a great deal of camera/lens/film combinations over the years. But I am not obsessively technical when it comes to photography. I don’t obsess about the technical specs of a photograph, or analyze sharpness and bokeh to death. “Sharpness is a bourgeois concept,” Henri Cartier-Bresson once said. I know some photographers love to write down every detail of a certain exposure, for use later. While I see how that can be useful at times, it’s not me.

Before buying a lens, I will do my fair share of research. Once I am using it, I forget about all the details and just look at the images. If I like them, it’s fine. If there is something that bothers me, then I find another lens. For camera bodies, it’s different. There has to be a connection when I hold it. If it doesn’t “click” with me (no pun intended) then it’s of no use to me and I have to keep looking. It is something instinctive, something you know as soon as you put the camera to your eye.

“Green” – Saint Paul, MN

The point of this is simply to say that I shoot all kinds of things. I freely admit that most of my stuff is average, with a few good images here and there. I know just enough to get myself in trouble, as they say about self-taught handymen, but not enough to get myself out of it again.

Ultimately, I don’t even know why I make half the images I make. Something catches my eye for some reason, and I raise the camera to my eye and make the exposure. There are times when shots are planned, but I’d say a majority of my stuff is simply what I see and am driven to put on film (or SD card). The reasons aren’t always clear to me even when I get my film back…but most of the time they are. If I see an image I have made, I can instantly recall where I was, what camera I was using, what I was trying to do; it’s vividly imprinted in my mind.

For me, it comes down to the fact that I experience the world around me through photographs. Making images of the world around is how I make sense of the world.

“In front of a camera all things are equivalent,” Daido Moriyama said. Amen.




  1. Hi came across your blog since I couldn’t sleep early in the morning after my housemate made some loud and rowdy noise. Enjoy reading your blog, especially promoting film. I too love film camera but still yet fail to own my proper SLR. I’ve the simple point and shot film camera. And I’ve been collecting manual lens to use on my DSLR with the thought one day I could own my SLR and I’ve the whole proper set.

    Film touch always make me feel nostalgic. I love the colours developed from film. Even I tried to use PS to imitate film feel.


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