Summer in the Cities: Topless

“City Heat” – Saint Paul, MN

The last few days I have been posting about summer in the Twin Cities, and today is another entry in that “series” if we can call it that. It’s not a project, per se, just shots I have taken over the summer and figured I’d share.

The last post was about children, and how to shoot kids in the street without coming off as a creep–or worse. I hope it was helpful and informative. But maybe it wasn’t. Today’s post isn’t a “how-to” or anything like that…it’s just some shots that seemed to fit together thematically.

“Yardwork” – Minneapolis, MN

There was been quite the heat wave this summer across the Midwest, and across the States in general. In some places it has been unbearable; the last winter we had was also incredibly mild. There has been almost no rain all summer, and very little snow last winter, meaning that there has been a lengthy drought for much of the region. In rural/agricultural communities, this has been devastating. In the city, it’s just hot.

And it sucks.

You may have noticed by now that I basically carry a camera of some kind (and not usually my phone) with me practically everywhere. The BATHROOM TREVOR series should make this pretty clear. I always have a camera with me since you never know when you will stumble on a shot that you need to take. Just the other day I was walking and there was a moment–and like all great visual moments, it was fleeting and needed to be captured in that single instant where everything came together–and I had left my camera in the car. The beautiful light, the pose of the man smoking, silhouetted against the morning light, with the smoke from his cigarette rising gorgeously…it was great. That will teach me to keep my camera with me all the time.

“Summer Love” – Minneapolis, MN

One of the keys to making good photographs is taking a lot of them. Henri Cartier-Bresson famously said “your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” Essentially, practice makes perfect. With that I will end this blog post, and get out practicing some more.




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  1. Aaaarrrggghhh! I hate the missed shot! I’ve blown some of “my” best images because I didn’t have a camera with me (the most recent being three girls on horseback going through a coffee drive-thru. Can you imagine missing that one?!? arrrrrrgggghhhh….). You’re absolutely right: always take a camera. Even on the briefest errand, you never know what you’ll see.


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