Denver, CO – August 2012

So many of you probably got a message from my blog about how doing surveys has earned my a certain amount of money. If anyone is new to the Internet, they may not understand; the rest of you will (most likely) have known this is SPAM.

Apparently my account was hacked, and a whole bunch of others too. I started getting messages from people about the post they got from my account, and when I checked my email, I had gotten 8-10 others from some of my favorite photo blogs that I follow., to their credit, noticed and suspended my account and reset my password until I logged back in, proved who I was, and changed my password.

I wish that this kind of thing didn’t happen, and I’m not really even sure what spammers get out of this anymore (everyone knows what it is and nobody clicks anymore, do they?). It’s like the Nigerian-prince emails about how if you just send along a little money you’ll be reimbursed with millions in a few days. Oh well, that’s life online I suppose.

I am alive and well, and the blog will carry on. Sorry for the spam and I hope it didn’t convince you to un-follow me. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.




  1. Living in a Senior building, some folks got “calls of distress from grandchildren” needing $$$. well mine ended rapidly when i said. “Send a check! Nuts! You gotta problem kid? I ‘ll send Bugsy, Heftie and Spaz to take care of your problem..” They hung up.
    SPAM sucks.


  2. I got spammed too. I was looking on facebook and I saw someone had liked my blog that said I was earning $$$ from surveys. Lousy Spammers! Get a life.


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