Fargo Archive

“One Stop” – Fargo, ND

I was going through some old shots today and stumbled on a quick set I thought I’d post. These are from Fargo, North Dakota this past winter, and all shot with my MInolta CL, which I no longer own. That was my first rangefinder camera, and started me on the path that I am now, to a certain extent. It was a nice camera, but more of a starter-camera or a backup camera than one’s only camera; the meters are notorious for going out and are now impossible to repair as three decades of repairs have depleted the supply of parts. It’s very small, and well designed for the most part, save for the bizarre film-loading process which I didn’t like. Other than that, it was a fine camera. I’m glad it was my first!

Family Mealtime – Fargo, ND

Weather, and other things, have been keeping me busy lately and posts have suffered. I have been shooting, but I have a bag of about 30 rolls of film that needs to be sent out at some point so that I’ll have something new to post. Until then, keep checking back for more on the blog!

I’d also love to hear some thoughts on the new look of the blog–do you like the layout? Is it better or worse than the old layout–and why? Thanks for your input and feedback!

“Lunch” – Fargo, ND



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