Halloween 2012



I know it has been a month already, but I just found these images and figured I should post them to give an update on things. My son, Max, dressed up as Max from Where the Wild Things Are. He wasn’t named after that character, but it’s pretty cute and having an unconventional name, he digs it when he finds someone that has the same name as he does.

As regular readers of the blog have no doubt realized, I have all but stopped posting my recent work on the blog. In fact, observant readers who have been reading for a while will have noticed that the blog has gone through quite a transformation. From posting only images every single day, to posting far less frequently with more words to accompany the images, to what it is now: essentially, I write reviews on gear that I use, and mix in lengthier essays on this and that, and while loosely based around the theme of photography, it is not quite so tightly focused. Evidently, this is a popular change…these past two months have seen me continue to accumulate subscribers to the blog, and have been some of the bigger months in terms of overall traffic and unique visitors. Thanks to all of you who continue to visit, and especially those who take the time to leave a quick comment. It means a lot.



I have decided to not post so much of my work anymore, for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason is that I just want to have more time to let my images sink in with myself before putting them out there. I also want to make sure that I am presenting images that are actually good, and not just going through the muscle-memory act of vomiting photographs onto the Internet  (there are plenty on here without my contribution). Additionally, I feel like people want more than just images on their own, and enjoy reading things to go with their images, especially when there is a clear dearth of decently-written (online) sources to read about photography and all things photographic. Part of the problem is that visual artists are not necessarily gifted with a pen (or keyboard). The other reason is that people are lazy, and a primary motivator for posting online is to get people to click, “like”, or “fave” things, but not to necessarily enjoy that process. Maybe I’m way off, but those are my reasons for reducing the amount of new visual material I put on my blog.

Back to the issue at hand–Halloween 2012! My son got his costume in September, and when Halloween came around we realized he had grown a full inch in the last month. Thanks to some quick thinking (and sewing) on his mother’s part, he was able to squeeze into the costume for the big day. The images taken here were the weekend before Halloween, when we went to the annual “Zoo Boo” at the Como Park Zoo–a fundraiser for the zoo that involves people in costumes handing out candy, props, and other events for the kids. My son is about too old for it, but we’ve gone every year since he was able to walk through it. Next year we’ll have to find something else, evidently, as he confided in me that he was a bit bored and that this was mainly for “smaller kids” 🙂



So…today is just a quick post to let you all know a bit about what’s been going on with me. There are other things, obviously, but I thought a few images of Halloween would be nice to share, as well as some musings on why there has not been as many images posted over the past two months or so.

With the blog’s one-year anniversary quickly approaching, I also have some thoughts to share on blogging in general and a reflection on the past year from a variety of perspectives. Standard year-in-review stuff, mostly, but I hope you’ll enjoy it all the same. I will be posting those pieces over the next few weeks, before I fly out for England on Christmas Day.





  1. I just had a mini flip out of how cute my nephew is… made even better by the supreme quality of the photos… (:


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