Looking Ahead to 2013


"Three"  -  Anna Maria Island, FL

“Three” – Anna Maria Island, FL

Today is my birthday, and a good chance to look ahead to the coming year.

Almost a full two weeks into the new year, most people have completed their posts wrapping up 2012, and many 2013 lists are also published, so I suppose I’m late to the party. Nevertheless I think it is valuable to put together a list of the things that I hope my photography encompasses in the next calendar year.

During my recent trip to England (December 2012 – January 2013), I checked out numerous photography exhibits. Many of them I had seen before, and was merely revisiting because I like them so much. One of them in particular, the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize, which I have seen the past five years in my travels to England, proved oddly inspirational. If you follow my blog, you know that portrait photography is not really my thing; I find it odd to pose people and have problems communicating what I wish to see in a shot. Most often, my photography is instinctual: I see something that for some strange reason necessitates me raising my camera to my eye and capturing the scene on film, and I do.

"Hannah"  -  Anna Maria Island, FL

“Hannah” – Anna Maria Island, FL

The Taylor Wessing exhibit wasn’t especially good–though I should stress that it was very good, just not substantially more so than in years past–but something clicked. In addition to seeing some inspiration, I also have a beautiful portrait camera at my disposal (my lovely Hasselblad 501CM) that doesn’t get near enough use as it stands now.

So here are my goals for 2013:

  1. For the next year a big goal of mine is to shoot more portraits, in particular with the medium format of my Hasselblad, with a variety of models. I want to experiment with street portraits of perfect strangers, too, to force myself to step out of my comfort level and meet new people and interact with them. In order to accomplish this, I will create a set of images at the end of the year that encompasses portraits I have made throughout the year; I will make prints and attempt to show them in a space locally, and make a book as well.
  2. Starting at the end of January, I am going to be gone until near Memorial Day for work. I will be just outside of Baltimore, MD, an Washington, DC, for the duration and I hope to create a set of images based on my experiences there, both on the job and during my off-time, when I hope to get out and see as much as possible. Again, when I return I will create a collection of images that, once edited, will go together as a book.
  3. I want to start showing my work more. To get this accomplished, I will enter a number of contests this year, as well as work to get my images shown in a gallery in the Twin Cities. If anyone knows how to do so, other than just cold-calling or showing up unannounced with a portfolio in hand, let me know. With the goal of one gallery showing, and entering contests with the intent of placing well, I’m hoping to get some more exposure for yours truly. I have a blog and a website that I use to showcase my work and thoughts already. I’ve already entered one, and will continue (maybe even the Taylor Wessing!) to do so, for as many as I can find that are appropriate to my work.

That’s the gist of my goals for the next year. Last year, my goal was to shoot more film–at least a roll per week–and that went well, all considered.

Any other thoughts to add? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!



  1. Happy Birthday my dear Grandson. Good luck with your goal for 2013. I would love someday to walk into a gallery with a bunch of famous photographers and say,
    “This is my Grandson”. Love you.


  2. Happy birthday, Trevor! Mine was tree days ago. I’m glad you have fallen for portraiture as a resolution for 2013. It is one of the most fascinating genres in photography (at least to me) and it really pushes the envelope on the social skills of the photographer… Good luck and all the best.


  3. First, Happy Birthday! I like your goals, which seem challenging but manageable. (I’m especially excited about starting to get some of your work in a local gallery!) It will be also be interesting to see how the street portrait idea works out; you have an eye for interesting people and things. Good luck!


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