East Coast Adventure

Baltimore Aquarium

As this adventure comes to an end, I figured I’d post once more before I’m on my way home.  I’m leaving on Tuesday afternoon/evening to make the long drive back to Minnesota.  As I’ve posted previously, the East Coast Adventure was fun, but it has recently worn out its welcome.  Despite all the cool things I’ve seen and the awesome places I’ve visited, the fact that my course has ramped up the workload substantially at the end and being so far from my family for so long have both contributed to my being deflated lately.  I’ve been practically counting down the minutes until I depart these shores.

I don’t mean to take anything away from all the great times I’ve had out here–because I’ve had some good ones.  The course was not really optional, but I’ve learned a lot it has to be said.  My quibbles with how it has been run, the overall length of the training, and other issues should not detract from the fact that I have gotten as much as could have been expected from the course.  Where I was previously against video, I have gained a grudging appreciation of it.  I still much favor the still image over the moving one.  However, learning new ways of storytelling can’t hurt in the long run.

Vietnam Memorial

The amount of things I have been able to do, and the number of trips I have taken to new places continues to astound me.  This is the part of my stay out here I’m most happy about, since I hadn’t previously been to the East Coast.  Whether I will return here again is anyone’s guess, so  I made the most of the time I had here to get out and explore.  After talking to my classmates last week, they all expressed their regret at not having done the same–most of them wasted away weekends in bars or in bed.  To each his own, naturally, but I’m happy with the choices I made.

I now have lots of memories from my time here, a credential in video production and broadcasting, and a big bag of film to process!  Once I get home I’ll have to send it off to be processed and scanned, and then go through it all to see what I managed to come home with.  And then, very shortly, I have to move into the house my wife bought while I was away!

NYC Bike Mirror

See you all soon, and thanks for continuing to keep up with the blog all this time I’ve been away.  The volume of posts has slowed considerably, but I’m hoping that when I get settled in back home I’ll have more time to get posting again.





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