Olympus OMD: Preview

I just recently added the Olympus OMD E-M5 to my stable of cameras, and plan on doing a review of it soon. I realize that this isn’t a new camera (particularly by the standards set by the speed of modern technology) but I’ll still throw my two cents in on the camera and my impressions with it.

For now, here is one image I shot with the OMD and the (so far, very impressive)Ā Panasonic-Leica 25mm f/1.4 Summilux lens that I have been using with it most of the time. For a small sensor, the OMD has good resolution, performance at higher sensitivities, and dynamic range. The handling of the camera has been pretty darn impressive so far as well–both in ergonomics and in the layout of the buttons and dials. It’s a well thought-out piece of equipment, and it shows when you use it.

I have been really impressed with the camera, but I’ll go more in depth on it when I have more time to write, but also have had more time to spend with the camera.




  1. The OMD E-M5 really shines with prime lenses like the 17mm f1.8 Zukio, and also the Sigma EX DN lenses are really sharp too. Be careful of banding issues at high ISO speeds with the Panasonic 20 f1.7 (only has a problem with this lens). Good luck with your new camera and I think you will love it. I have one for when I really don’t want to carry my big Nikon gear around.


    1. Thanks…I’m happy to have replaced my DSLR with this setup. IN fact, my DSLR sat unused for 2+ years before I finally just got rid of it.


  2. Looks like you’ve got yourself a good camera there! The resolution, I would attribute to the lens… As I’ve said before, Olympus is the camera Astronomers use, so the resolution has to be the best. I always get overly excited when I get a new camera, and start fumbling around… LOL! Enjoy!


    1. With digital sensors, resolution is no longer just the realm of lenses. While the lens is solid, resolution stems in large part from the sensor the light hits.


  3. A co worker of mine has that camera and I have to say I am really impressed with the images that it produced. Even at 1600 ISO it was pretty clean. Beautiful portrait and I love the fall off that the 1.4 delivered above.


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