Looking Back

Delaware – March, 2013

I spent the first few months of 2013 on the east coast, working and traveling. On the whole, I enjoyed the time there, and in hindsight my decision to bring only film cameras was a good one. Rather than spending time looking at, and editing, photos, I spent the time going out and seeing new things. It wasn’t until I came back that I had the chance to look through the images I had recorded during my travels.

Sometimes we can only really objectively view experiences in the rearview mirror. Sometimes we need that distance to make sense of it. Sometimes it only makes sense after it’s over. And that’s how it is for me with my time out east. I made some wonderful friends and memories that will last a long time, and managed to take some images along the way. But the photographs that I made while I was there didn’t dominate my time. I made them, and I’m glad I did, but it wasn’t my sole focus. As I always say, photography is my way of seeing the world and experiencing the things around me, and for that reason I’m never anywhere without a camera of some kind. But I am glad that I only got these images now.

Delaware – March, 2013

I’m glad to have met the people that I did, and to have had the opportunity to travel and see the things that I did while I was there. Honestly, those were the only two things that kept me sane during my time there…without those two things my time would have been a lot more miserable that it ended up being.

You know who you are. Thanks.




  1. I like the serenity and the melancholy in those images. The abandoned boardwalk looks like it belongs to another time or even another world. Also I appreciate the symmetry in that one. Kudos!


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