Screen Shot

London – January, 2013

Standing in the cold at Craven Cottage in January, taking a photograph of a guy taking a photograph of the match we’ve both paid to attend. Since I don’t have a lot of meaningful images that are new, I have to dig through the archives to find things to blog.

I haven’t had time to shoot lately, and I hate it. Commute, work, gym, commute again, eat, sleep, and repeat. Day after day. The grind can start to wear you down.

Life has taken away my time to make images, and soon it will be winter. With winter comes darkness. I’m dreading the onset of winter for this very reason; with even less light than we have now, there will be fewer and fewer opportunities to make photographs. Times like this make me want to take a trip. Traveling not only lets me discover new things, but allows me to have time to devote to making photographs that I don’t always have in real life. Time that I can’t seem to find right now.

My sentences are fragmented, like my thoughts. No time to shoot, to time to think. Only time to make it to tomorrow. Seems like I’m treading water, and can’t always see land.



  1. Oh how I feel the same sometimes. Your thoughts about sum up my current mood but I know this will change. I’ve been devoting time to editing (A lot of editing older images) and soon, even though winter is imminent, Fall is nearly upon is and that is a season that motivates me to get out and shoot. Sounds like writers block and I feel your need to break out. You will, it always happens an once you do you will wonder what got in the way in the first place. Good luck, you will be out there again soon.


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