Analysis of Self

Coffee News, St. Paul, MN – 2008

Like most people I know who are obsessive about their photography, I take a great many self-portraits. Lee Friedlander was famous for such self-analysis and has even published books on the subject of himself. But from Friedlander to Henri Cartier-Bresson, Martin Parr, and David Hurn, self-portraits are part of many of us. I decided to go through the years and show some of my favorites through the years.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Morrill Hall, East Lansing, MI – 2009

Anchorage, AK – 2012

Loftus Road, London, UK – 2009

Fargo, ND – 2011

Anna Maria Island, FL – 2010

Tokyo, Japan – 2007

Lisbon, Portugal – 2012

Saint Paul, MN – 2008

NYC – 2013

Minneapolis, MN – 2011

Saint Paul, MN – 2007



  1. Great shots- the one from Portugal is one of my very favorites. And Thomas asks a good question: What is it about the self as subject? Many painters have done it too.


  2. Interesting set of self-images, some of which I remember you taking. In your post you left unsaid, though,what you think these say about the photographer.

    Dad sent from my iPhone


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