Cleveland, OH

Aperture Camera – Cleveland, OH

On my way out east this winter I stopped in Cleveland, Ohio, to visit with my buddy Dave. I spent the day checking out the city and shooting with him. We toured some camera shops, recovered my M6TTL, shot some film, and talked a lot of shop. Despite the cold temperatures, we spent most of the day outdoors. I had a good time, and I hope I’ll have the chance to get out there again soon.

Be sure to check out Dave’s photos and catch him on twitter.

I’m only now finally posting about my time there…sorry for the delay but that’s part of having a busy life and shooting film (this is part of shooting film that I have always really liked).

Dave – Cleveland, OH

Color – Cleveland, OH

Outsourced – Cleveland, OH

Waiting – Cleveland, OH

Major League – Cleveland, OH

Winter – Cleveland, OH



  1. These are terrific- not sure which I like best. I think I like Major League best, but there is something compelling in all of them. Like the “What would Ernest Tubb have done” bumper sticker on the last shot.


    1. I agree- this is a cool shot. You do a great job of enhancing the narrative with your titles. Calling that photo “Outsourced” really adds to the story.


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