John Mayer

Phone Light – November 2013

Saturday night my wife and I went to see John Mayer in concert. We’re both big fans, and the show was awesome. Our seats were good, and on one of the coldest nights we’ve had yet, we bundled up and headed downtown for a night of music.

I didn’t bring a camera with me, and just used my phone for a few quick snapshots while we were there. There’s no way I’d get any good shots anyway, and I wasn’t there for the photos anyway.

Lights – November 2013

Below is the setlist for the night (I took notes on my phone as it was going on):

•Queen of California 
•Who says (it’s been a long night in MPLS)
•Waiting on the day 
•I can’t trust myself
•Vocal intro – speak for me
•Dear Marie 
•Neon (acoustic solo)
•Lost at sea (broken piano-canceled)
•Something like Olivia
•You don’t know how it feels (Tom Petty cover)
•Slow dancing in a burning room
•(Turn the stove off metaphor) Age of Worry
•If I ever get around to living (behind the back solo)
•Waiting on the world to change
•No such thing
(Happy birthday Carlos)
•Half of my heart
•(Citizen Cope cover) Sideways

Transfixed – November 2013

Only a few of those songs I would have changed; for the most part, they were all solid and ones that I like quite a bit. We were both very content with his choice of songs. My wife and I last saw Mr. J.C. Mayer in concert on Valentine’s Day 2007, and things have changed in the past few years–musically speaking. A different sound. A new direction.

But it was fun.



  1. Re: “Phone Light”
    I have to say, it’s a sign that times are a changin’ when lighters are replaced with cell phone flashlights at concerts…


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