Porto, March 2012

This is a photograph I found as I was going through my negatives trying to find things that hadn’t been scanned yet. I stumbled upon a few sheets of medium format negatives that my wife shot while we were in Portugal on my old Holga (which has since found a new home). Frankly, the Holga can be fun to play with but it wasn’t my favorite thing to use. My wife enjoyed the simplicity and playful nature of the Holga, but she isn’t really one to make photographs.

Anyway, this is an image that I quite like the more I look at it. I spend so much time behind the lens that it’s rare to get an image of myself that isn’t terrible. Part of this stems from my selectiveness with images, and with how few are taken of me. But to get a solid portrait, in Portugal, and with the Holga…what are the odds.

So, for once, here is an image on my blog that I didn’t actually take. But it is of me, so it’s okay. Right?


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