About Me

Porto, Portugal – March 2012

Find me on my website: www.trevorsaylor.com

Find me on Twitter.

Find me on Flickr.

I’m a hobbyist and simply love making photographs, especially on film.

I am from the USA, in a little state called Minnesota.

I always bring a camera with me when I go out.

I hope you enjoy my images and words.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments for me!


  1. Just came across your blog through the recommended blog feature on WordPress and i’m so glad i did. Looking at your work is just so inspiring (I’ve just got into the world of photography myself). I am so looking forward to keeping up to date with your work it is truly great.


  2. Hi, you have a great site and amazing photography. Good luck with your projects and goals for this wonderful art. I am now following.


  3. Hi, i love your blog! i am just starting out and i’m struggling to get views and followers and was wondering if you could give me tips on what to write about or what photos to post and maybe take a look at my blog and follow if possible?


  4. Hello, Trevor. I heard of your photography and your blog through working with your mom. I am also a photographer. I love learning about and from other photographers. I respect your ability to tell a story with images. Nicely done!


  5. hey there, let me know if you want to trade prints. i’d love one of the telephone booth shot (with the hooker ads). it reminds me of philly 🙂 i’ve traded with lots of people before, far and wide, and it’s always been great!


  6. I enjoyed the what’s in my bag post. I also use an M3 1959 single stroke – and an M9. I also have an X100 and it’s growing on me. Still waiting for the perfect small camera though. Good luck with your photography.


  7. I nominated Through the Lens to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award! There’s no obligation for you to accept or give the award to anyone else. I enjoy your posts and wanted to thank you for sharing. Please check out the nomination page below to get the award and see who else I nominated. Rules for nominating your favorite blogs are there as well 😀


    Have a great day!


  8. Hej, just wanted to let you know that I love your pictures that you take a random people!! I want to get better at taking pictures of people/portraits, so I think I’ll try this out! Have a nice day and keep on blogging 🙂 /Jule


  9. What a treat to see your London and cathedral shots! London is one of my all-time favorite cities, and it was fun to see London from your viewpoint. I also liked the North Dakota shots, too. Keep ’em coming!


  10. considering to buy a new camera.. “point and shoot” is enough.. i’ll note this down..
    by the way, what’s the joy behind the lens? 😉


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